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Moving records to another sheet?

Posted by Terry on May 01, 2001 5:09 PM

I'm using my Excel workbook as a database. I need to move records where one field is equal to "1" over to another worksheet within the same workbook. Is this possible?

Also, how do I manage to sort data in a pivot table. I have a table that extract the max. weight of fish caught by each man, Now I need to sort the pivot table so that the largest fish is at the top. Any hints?

Sorry but I'm very new at this & learning on my own.
Thanks for any help.

Posted by Kevin James on May 01, 2001 6:48 PM

Hi Terry,

Learning Excel can be a joy (choke), but I like it.

You can use Data/Sort and then tell Excel which column to sort by. Afterwards, you can highlight and cut/ or copy/paste that range where ever you like.

Here are some excellent resources for learning Excel. Advanced