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Posted by Dave B on May 01, 2001 7:12 AM

This may sound like a foolish question, but I have been searching for a way to sort a spreadsheet in Excel 2000 by column heading, but have been unable to figure it out.

I need to define the sort fields, but can't figure out how. The defaults don't work and the help files are a joke.

Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated.

Posted by Dave Hawley on May 01, 2001 7:19 AM

Hi Dave

Let's say your data is in the range A1:H200 with column headings in the first row.
Bold you headings and excel will recognise them as headings.
Select any cell within your table you want to sort and go to Data>Sort.
Excel will select your entire Table.
You Column headings should be in the "Sort by" box.
Under "My List has" will be "Header row" and "No header row".
Tick "Header row" and then select the heading you wnat to sort by and click OK.

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Posted by Mark W. on May 01, 2001 12:03 PM

Dave B, after selecting the columns that you wish
to sort and leaving the active cell in the row
containing your column headers...

1. Choose the Data | Sort... menu command
2. Click the [ Options... ] button
3. Click the "Sort left to right" Orientation radio
4. Close the Sort dialog by click the [ OK ] button