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Date related forumla question

Posted by B.H. Davis on January 20, 2002 4:38 PM

I want to change a cells data automatically when a given date is arrived at as displayed in another cell.

For example, A1 has a date format and is set to display the current date whenever the worksheet is opened (I know how to do this). When A1 reaches a given date...such as February 1, 2002, I want the data in cell B2 to perform a function that will be defined in B2, but won't occur until February 1, 2002 is reached.

So, B2 must have a formula that both performs a given math function (say for example, SUM(D1:D2)), but only makes it occur when Feb. 1,2002 is reached. Getting it to occur on Feb.1,2002 is what I cannot make work.

This is to be used in Excel 97.

Thank you for your help.

BH Davis

Posted by Jacob on January 20, 2002 4:55 PM


Add a If to the function in B1 Like

=If(A1 = DATE(2002,2,1),SUM(D1:D2),0)

This will put the sum on the correct date only and 0 on any other date. If you want it to occur on all dates after the date as well change the A1= to A1>