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Please Help Me Get Rid of Old Links

Posted by oeloel on August 04, 2000 8:45 PM

Does anyone have the solution to this? I get this update link message everytime I open my workbook. I can't remember linking my workbook intentionally to another workbook. I've used an Excel Add-in called "DelLinks" that I downloaded from Microsoft to get rid of my external links but it seems not to be working. Please give me your idea.

Posted by Chris on September 27, 2000 6:51 AM

> If the wizard doesn't work for you check to see if you have any merged cells in your worksheet. If so the old link may be contained in one or more of those merged cells. Also these won't show up if you try and Ctrl-F (find) your old link.
De-merge your cells and check the values.


Posted by Graham Davey on November 21, 2000 12:43 AM

Go to Edit/Links to find what files are being linked. Select all worksheets and do a search on the file name. Once located, you can delete the link.

Posted by Ivan Moala on August 05, 0100 3:20 AM

Goto Edit and select links
Have a look @ the links there.
If you cannot reference the link to your active workbook then
create a linked file by that name with the named
sheet and link it to this.
Then try relinking to your activesheet.
If this doesnot work then check out what the
link is refering to. You may well find that it
is linked to some left over conversion file eg

If you require more help on this then email the linked sheet to me.