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sorting / grouping problem?

Posted by Devin on July 26, 2001 1:15 PM

Hi... my problem is as follows... I have information in an Excel spreadsheet as follows:

Name1 | item1 | 50,000 | location1|
| item 2 | 45,200 | location2|
| item 3 | 12,000 | location3|
Name2 | item 1 | 5,000 | location 1|
| item 2 | 7,000 | location 2|
Name3 |item 1| ......

and I would like to associate the names with the corresponding items, values, locations, etc. so that when I sort by name all the other information that goes with it from the other columns stays with it. Is there a way to group a number of rows together into separate groups? Thank you for your help.

Posted by mseyf on July 26, 2001 1:49 PM

kind of a work around-

assuming that the names are in column A, highlight all the cells in column A that have data in column B. then from the menu bar select Edit>GoTo>Special>Blanks. All the blank cells should be highlighted. Hit the '=' key, then the up arrow key, then hold down the 'Ctrl' key and hit 'Enter'. This should fill in the names in the blank cells so each row has a name. If you do a Copy>Paste Special>Values on column A, you should be able to sort by name.