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Still another hyperlink question

Posted by Melody on July 23, 2001 9:04 AM

I am trying to build a hyperlink from a cell in my data sheet to a chart page. In other words, when I click on the "Linear Comparison" link, I want to move to my chart in the "Linear" tab (the chart is the entire tab -- it is not a small chart on a data page).

I konw how to link to a specific cell reference on another tab, but I'm not having any luck linking to a chart. Anyone know how I can do this?

Posted by Connie on July 23, 2001 12:05 PM

It sounds like when your chart was created, it was created on a Chart Sheet (which is Excel's choice for you if you don't choose to embed it in an existing sheet in your workbook). Chart sheets won't allow most of the normal functions of a worksheet, so what you'll have to do is copy (under Edit)and paste your chart to a regular worksheet. You can just insert a new worksheet and name it whatever you want,(i.e. Linear Comparison), paste your chart to it and then do a regular ole hyperlink to it. It should work fine.