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2nd Attempt at reply

Posted by Scott on April 08, 2001 7:25 PM

I'm running excel 2K on WinME w/256 megs of RAM and receiving an "Out of memory error" (from excel,not WinME) when attempting to open more than 20 multiple linked workbooks. They link to and from a master workbook and contain a large amount of formulas. Is there a way to remove Excel's "memory cap" as I've heard it has, and use more of the system memory ? PLEASE HELP ME...

Posted by Dave Hawley on April 08, 2001 8:24 PM

Hi Scott

That is a LOT of workbooks to open that contain links! Do you need to open them all at once ?
Could you open them in a sequencial order so the links update and then close them ?

Don't save the Workbooks in multiple formats unless really needed. Saving Workbooks as more than one format ( 95,97 and 97 ) can blow out file size by > 75%

If your using VBA then NOT releasing Objects from memory is another cause, always set them to nothing on completion:

Set Wsht as Worksheet(1)

Your code

Set Wsht =Nothing

Also see this article on OUTLOOK

Only have the "Add-ins" you need installed

You may be able to track down any possible problems the the INFO function, the below is from the help on it:

Another big cause of problems is out of date Printer drivers make sure you have the latest. You can do this by going to the Website of your printer manufacture.
See this article:

Keeping the sheet zoom at 100% can also be helpful

And last but by no means least, delete all Temp files, Do a scan disk, empty the re-cycle bin then do a disk de-frag and re-boot.


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