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Cannot save workbook

Posted by Bob Merrill on November 09, 2001 7:47 AM

Keep getting an error message: File not saved.

This happens regardless of whether saving to the network or hard drive or changing the file name.

Posted by Jack on November 09, 2001 4:00 PM

Copy the sheet to another workbook and save as XYZ, sounds like Excel has gone mad again!

If not sounds like default xls doc if curupt thats Normal.xls this is the one Excel uses as a template to produce Book 1 and the Book 2 etc subject to you nenaming them, what you would need to do is close the book ok will loose some work but still what can you do if copy wont work.

find files Nor*.* on C:\ and located Normal.xls and delete it dont worry mkae sure its gone and then open excel as norm, Excel might cough as it opens but thats normal as it rebuild new Normal.xls document

Open your unsavable book and edit one cell click save to make the change save and should be OK

Hope that helps...