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Excel crashes

Posted by Jo on December 31, 2001 6:36 AM

I have a question I don't know if I should post here or not. But, everytime I try to close out of Excel my computer crashes. It says something about not enough memory. It doesn't happen with Quattro Pro, or any other programs I use. My resources say I have 86% free. Does anyone know why it's doing this?

Posted by Scott on December 31, 2001 8:21 AM

Jo, not sure if this will help, but if you re-install excel, sometimes this will solve this problem.

Posted by Jack in UK on December 31, 2001 11:40 AM

Hi Jo--
Does not soind like excel to me, Windows manages memory not excel, the systics you see are not that trustworthy, i would delete remove add programs excel and re load windows then re load excel, or office, shold solve most problems

Also if on E97 need SP1 as minimum from Msoft web site..

Jack in UK