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"File not Found" at startup

Posted by Leon on August 17, 2001 5:52 AM

Lately, every morning when I start up (Win95 on a networked PC) and Excel 97 opens (in Startup group) I get a message that says "Microsoft Visual Basic, File Not Found"). I check "OK" and the program continues opening normally.

The "Help" section for this suggest checking the file name and path but I don't know how to find it.
Anybody know how to correct this?

Posted by neo on August 17, 2001 6:32 AM

has there been a recent installation or reinstallation of excel 97? usually when VB can't be found it's because it hasn't been installed. it is an option when installing office97 (and other versions) to add VB as well. it's not automatic; a custom install has to be done for it to be added.