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Illegal operation error

Posted by Stacey on July 28, 2000 9:12 AM

Has anyone seen this problems?

Recently some one I know upgrade form Excel 95 to Excel 2000. But when he tries to open some 95 files, he gets a "This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down." Under advanced we can tell that it's a div error.

When other people go to open the file, it's ok.

I looked in technet but nothing helped.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Posted by Garry on July 31, 0100 2:09 AM

can you identify the formula in the cell with the Div/0 error.

Are you calculating based on dates?

Posted by stacey on July 31, 0100 8:45 AM

Unfortunately, I can't tell where the div error comes from. We think there might be some other programs on the computer that messed something up in the O2k installation. This error is so selective it even has our engineering team confused. This happens for only a few people doing expense reports.

Here's the error:


EXCEL caused a divide error in module EXCEL.EXE at 016f:3004c8aa.
EAX=00000080 CS=016f EIP=3004c8aa EFLGS=00010296
EBX=00000100 SS=0177 ESP=0062a55c EBP=0062b4d4
ECX=00b9e4cc DS=0177 ESI=0062c1d4 FS=115f
EDX=00000000 ES=0177 EDI=00b9e730 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
f7 7f 2c 0f b7 4e 04 03 c8 51 e8 77 c0 ff ff 8d
Stack dump:
00000000 00000000 00000000 00b9dd90 00000000 0062a57c 00000002 00000000 00000047 000001cb 00000421 00000000 3003e1d2 00b9dd90 00000001 bff6101d


Posted by Garry on August 04, 0100 9:24 AM

The information in this article applies to:

- Microsoft Excel 97 for Windows


In a chart sheet, when you resize a ListBox control or attempt to paste a
ListBox control, Microsoft Excel 97 displays one of the following error

Microsoft Windows 95

This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shutdown.

If you click Details, the following is displayed:

EXCEL caused a divide error in module EXCEL.EXE at <memory address>

When you click Close, the program is closed.

Microsoft Windows NT 4.0

An application error has occurred and an application error log is being


Exception divide by zero <memory address>

When you click OK or Cancel, the program is closed.


This problem occurs when you do the following:

- You draw a ListBox control on a chart sheet.


- You size the control.


- You draw a ListBox control on a worksheet.


- You copy the ListBox, and then attempt to paste it onto a chart sheet.


Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in the Microsoft products listed at
the beginning of this article.


A ListBox control is available as part of the Forms toolbar. You can draw
controls on a worksheet and a chart sheet. You can resize a control by moving
the border of the control or by changing the properties of the control. To
change the properties, select the control and click Control on the Format menu.
Click the Size tab and change the Height and Width settings.


For more information about creating a ListBox control, click the Index tab in
Microsoft Excel Help, type the following text

" list boxes " (without the quotation marks)

and then double-click the selected text to go to the "Add buttons, check boxes or
other controls to a worksheet" topic.

Additional query words: XL97 list box ipf gpf crash chartsheet

Keywords : kberrmsg xldraw
Version : WINDOWS:97
Platform : WINDOWS
Issue type : kbprb
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