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"Out Of Memory" when using charts

Posted by Harley on February 07, 2002 11:36 AM

I've searched the archives but haven't found a definitive answer on this error message.

I'm creating a workbook that contains about 100 charts. When I click on the charts I get an "Out of Memory" message. If i continue clicking on the error message window it eventually goes away but I lose some of the formatting on the particular chart, namely the header disappears.

I've tried all of the solutions that are provided on the Microsoft Support page and nothing is working. Is there a fix for this? Is this problem resolved in Excel 2000?

Posted by Hansoh on February 07, 2002 1:55 PM

i used to and continue to have this problem all the time. i've asked around and haven't gotten any definitive answers how to solve this problem.

i think the 'out of memory' problem is specific to each machine (i.e., depends on how much memory your machine has installed).

the 1st thing you should do is close ALL other applications that are running in the background when you work on these charts in excel (e.g., Lotus Notes, e-mail, Internet browsers, other Win applications, etc.). they all use up memory and some are notorious memory hogs.

next, i've heard that if you re-boot or start working on these charts right after you boot up the machine, this will help because all of your computer actions eat up space in the memory cache (my terminology could be wrong, but the general premise is ok).

last resort, split up your charts into different files. this stinks, but i've had to break apart files with 50 charts into 5 smaller files with 10 charts each just to play it safe.

if you get any definitive answers off this board, i'd appreciate if you could share with us your findings. thanks.


Posted by Harley on February 07, 2002 2:11 PM

I did find one way around this that worked temporarily. I can't remember where I read this solution but it worked on workbooks with approx. 50 charts. Create a blank worksheet and name it however you would like. When you go to save the file, make sure that the blank sheet is the active sheet and then save. Never save the workbook when the blank sheet is not the active sheet. This worked for me when I used a smaller number of charts. However, now that I am using 100+ charts, I'm having no luck with that method.

Posted by Jim Cone on February 07, 2002 7:14 PM


Two suggestions...

Read the Microsoft KB article: Q168650
"Not enough memory error adding chart to workbook"
This article applies to XL 97 only.
If you are using Internet Explorer you can enter: "mskb Q168650" in the address bar to go directly to the article.

See Charles Williams' web site...
for lots of info on Excel memory problems.


Jim Cone
San Jose, CA