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SUM error in Excel 2000 -- Software Bug?

Posted by Kevin Proulx on August 21, 2000 8:32 AM

Anybody encountered some weird results from simple =SUM(<CELL>:<CELL>) formulas in Excel 2000?

I have a spreadsheet which the SUM formula adds up a column of numbers that actually total 10 but gives a result of 8. We've been able to repeat the problem. Its has cropped up here and there in other files. I've submitted a query and copy of one of the Excel files with this problem to Microsoft, but haven't had a response yet.

This is with MS Office 2000, SR-1a installed. The Excel files have the same addition errors when opened on several different computers -- including Win95 and WinNT workstations.

Posted by Michael Liu on August 21, 0100 11:32 AM

This sum problem can happen when what visually are
numbers, really aren't. Insert a column and test
the appropriate data using the format =isnumber(a1)
See if anything in that column returns FALSE.