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Vbe6.dll error in Excel2000 - solutions?

Posted by Guido Janssens on May 09, 2001 6:44 AM

Since yesterday I get an error when exiting Excel2000 saying that module vbe6.dll created an error on 0167:6507d75b, blah blah blah.
Following the Microsoft webpage I should repair Excel (did that, didn't help), or reinstall Excel (did that, didn't help), delete the vba module that I was last working on (tried that, couldn't do it, because I immediately get the vbe6.dll error), rename the last module (same result)...
Any suggestions? Anyone? Please...

Posted by Kevin James on May 09, 2001 11:30 AM

Hi Guido,

I recently had a similar situation. Here is what I had to do, and I still get one error (but not one that is a show stopper):

From Control Panel, un-install Excel (or Office).

In Explorer, delete any residual folders and files related to the software.

In regedit, find and delete any residual references.

scandisk and defrag.


I know this sounds like a sledgehammer approach, and indeed it is, but the tweezers approach didn't work for me.

I'd like to hear what you finally settle on.


Posted by Guido Janssens on May 10, 2001 6:17 AM

I found it, I think...

I could still do a back up from my VBE modules as module.bas files and that's what I did. Then I deleted the PERSONAL.XLS file. Excel now runs like poop from a baby's bottom!

The following trick is now to restore my PERSONAL.XLS file. Think I'll do that manually, inserting VBE module by module and seeing on what module exactly Excel crashes.

Fingers crossed!

Thanks for your reply, BTW.


Posted by P.Hunt on October 10, 2001 11:05 AM

I had this same problem with Excel & Word and it was caused by installing Adobe Acriobat 5.0. Removing Office & reinstalling it did no good. I am back at Acrobat 4.0 for now.