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Complex form

Posted by Mo on December 23, 2000 3:56 AM

I have a very large spreadsheet, about 5000+ rows and about 20 columns. I'll just give an example to brief example to explain it better.
1 code good bad recent notrecent signed
2 0258 1 1 1
3 4789 1 1 1
4 7635 1 1

As you have noticed I flag it with a one. I personally would have preffered to have those fancy ticks instead of putting a one, but you need activex knowledge or something like that, and I dont know how to do that( my knowledge of Macro is non existant). Anyway that doesnt matter.
If I need to edit any of this data, I do find then go to edit it. If I want to just view an entry I do a Vlookup. Assume I put a Vlookup formula in C15, then with regards to the above example it will be
VLOOKUP($C$15,$A$2:$F$4,2,FALSE) . This is fine, but the problem is that with Vlookup, I can view it, but I cannot edit it. Is there a way for me to edit it using a vlookup function or any other function.

Posted by Dave on December 23, 2000 12:24 PM

Hi Mo

The good news is you dont need any VBA knowledge to place a tick in a cell. All you need to do is Format the font of the cell as Marlett then type the letter "a"

The bad news is it's not possible to alter the content of another cell via a Formula, even a user defined one. Probably the best way is using Edit>Replace (Ctl+H) if I understand you correctly.
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Posted by Mo on December 24, 2000 8:33 AM

Thankyou David for your help.