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excel warnings & save as date

Posted by Craig on July 10, 2000 7:09 AM

I have cells linked to another WB and excel always asks if I want to update the WB it is reading from. is there a way to have the WB update automatically?

Also I am trying to save my wb as a date, but can't get excel to place a date without '/' in a cell and you can not have any slashes in a file name. any ideas?

Posted by Ada on July 16, 0100 5:40 AM

Re: save as date

I don't know if this will work but try inputting the date into the cell in a format that Excel does not recognize as a date (for example :- 31.7.00 )
Alternatively, try formatting the cell as text before you enter the date.
Also, you might like to look at "SaveAsMMMYYYY.xls¡¨ at :-
(broken link)

Posted by Greg MItchell on July 10, 0100 7:36 AM

If you look at the formatting options, under Number, choose Date and you can choose a bunch of different formats that don't have /'s in them. If you don't like any of them, you can always use the custom cell format.

Posted by craig on July 10, 0100 9:00 AM

changing the format changes what is displayed in the cell, but the value shown in the menu bar still contains /'s and this is what is read when I try to link the cell to a save as... command.