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Excell 2000 spreadsheet

Posted by Muriel on December 08, 2001 1:01 PM

An Excell 2000 Spreadsheet sent to me has ticks in some cells, but when opened in this program they show as '4'. Another person with same program has them open correctly, as they were sent. Why do mine open as 4 instead of a tick?

Posted by jack on December 08, 2001 3:28 PM

Whats happened is the font formatting has been lost

Choose the cells reading 4 and select them all
Change the font to wingdings4 OR MONO ????

SORRY I really cant remember, ask the sender to tell you its as as simp,le as change the font on these cells, i used to do the same years back 4 = tick, BOLD, these loads of ticks...

Sorry i cant recall the font...