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Format 100,000 as 100

Posted by Jim Carter on June 18, 2001 11:49 PM

Is it possible to format a cell so that if I type 100,000 it would appear as 100? - (if dividing by 1,000 for instance).

Can rounding also be included in a cells format?


Posted by Ivan F Moala on June 19, 2001 12:06 AM

Format cell as #,##0,
ie Format / Cells / number
then select custom and put the above
custom format in.

Is this what you are after ?


Posted by Scott on June 20, 2001 1:13 PM

Try re-formatting <Format-Cell-Number> Choose Custom under Catagory, and enter "#," in the field for Type(withouth the ""). The number will still show as 100000 in the formula bar, but will show as 100 in the cell. Also, any calculations from this cell will be for 100000.