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Gridlines disappear

Posted by Jeff Shein on October 02, 2000 11:16 AM

I have a few spreadsheets where SOME of the gridlines have disappeared. I can make them all disappear with the Tools\Options\Gridlines menu options, but when I click the checkbox, not all the gridlines return. I do not have borders in any of the cells where this is happening. I can make borders to match (using a light grey)... but I shouldn't have to do that! I've searched this site, and I saw some entries regarding printing of gridlines... unfortunately, that isn't the problem here. It's strictly a display concern.

Has anyone experienced this problem?


Posted by Ben on October 03, 2000 7:09 AM

It's possible that the cells that don't show gridlines have been shaded white, hiding the gridlines. Either select the just the cells in question or all of the cells on the worksheet and go to Format > Cells > Pattern and click on No Color. Then hit OK.

It's also possible that the cells have white borders added. Again, select the cells, go to Format > Cells > Border and then click None.

I'm reasonably confident that one of those methods will solve your problem.