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more than 3 conditional formatting statements?

Posted by Jason on July 12, 2000 9:10 AM

For a given cell, there are four distinct possibilities of formatting that I want to take into account (with 4 different border options), but Excel 97 only allows 3 conditional formatting statements. Any ideas?


Posted by Ivan Moala on July 13, 0100 1:55 AM

Hi Jason
This may or may not help, BUT there are actually
4 formating options for conditional formating
IF you take into account the Default formating
ie. you have 3 statements for CF AND your std
format IF none of the others are met = 4. If you
think of it along these lines then you may be able
to incorporate the default format, otherwise you
may have to code it as Ryan suggests.


Posted by Ryan on July 12, 0100 11:06 AM

You can code it, or have somebody else code it!