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Paste Special from Excel to Word as Microsoft Excel Worksheet Object

Posted by Ajo on January 29, 2002 12:08 AM


I made an Excel table, it is quite a big layout (A1:P74). Every time I copied this table and paste special to Word as an MS Excel Object (and resize it), there will be missing columns and/or rows. For example, my table contains data in row 74 and column P, but in Word only shows up to col N and row 73. I can do fit to col and row in Excel and start over again but it will be a hassle if I have lots of tables. Is there any way to fix this? or is there other ways to copy a big excel table and paste it to Word and preserve the formats?

Thanks a million.

Posted by Ivan F Moala on January 29, 2002 4:26 AM

Have you tried resizing the object...rightclick
option to format > resize.

OR pasting as Picture and resizing?