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Set borders to a sheet

Posted by T Smulders on July 12, 2001 2:43 AM

Hello Mr. Excel,

I was wondering how you can delete rows in a worksheet, so that you can't scroll down anymore. I have made a sheet which contains 25 rows and I want to add a background just to these 25 rows (and 10 columns). The rest of the sheet must not get a background, otherwise my file gets to big. How can you delete the rows (and columns) that are of no concern?
Just delete row 26 till 65536 or the other way around is not a solution.
I hope you can help me.

Yours sincerely,

T. Smulders

Posted by Joe Was on July 12, 2001 6:18 AM

Hide un-wanted parts of sheet

Use: (Format-Row (and/or) Column-Hide) you will only get the parts of the sheet you want to display. Just block the Rows or Columns you don't want and use the menu path above! JSW