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Shrink-to-fit vs. Font Size

Posted by maura on September 28, 1999 8:07 PM

In forcing reports to fit a specified number of pages,
I am finding the font size becomes unreadably small.
Is there a way I can do a conditional shrink-to-fit
such that Excel will shrink the size only so far? If
anyone has any thoughts, I'd be greatly appreciative.

Posted by Dave Stimpson on September 28, 1999 11:12 PM

Is there a specific reason why the number of pages has to be fixed? I with large spreadsheets I find that 70% is the lowest scale for best readability, and I then organise page breaks accordingly (in print preview click on page break preview and move the breaks to where you want them. An alternative is, if you do not need every column to be reported, use the custom views option in the view menu - go into custome view and name the existing one something like "AllColumns", then hide the columns you don't need, go back into custom views and name this one something like "MinumumInfo".

Then you can switch between different views for working and printing.