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control-shift-enter formula

Posted by Paul Sterk on September 27, 2000 8:38 AM

In response to a question I had recently I was told to use
the control-shift-enter formula. What is this? And how do
I do it?

Posted by Loren on September 27, 2000 11:06 AM

control-shift-enter -Excel Help quoted

An array formula can perform multiple calculations
and then return either a single result or
multiple results. Array formulas act on two or
more sets of values known as array arguments.
Each array argument must have the same number
of rows and columns. You create array formulas
in the same way that you create other formulas,
except you press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER to enter the

Posted by Ivan Moala on September 28, 2000 3:06 AM

Re: control-shift-enter -Excel Help quoted

Further to Lorens answer checkout Mrexcels tip