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counting months in a column

Posted by Shannon on January 02, 2002 8:25 AM

I have a column for which I track when invoices are sent, formatted as the date "month/day/year" each portion of which is two digits (e.g., 01/02/02).

I need to track at the end of the column which invoices are sent in each month (they column will not be in this order). I'm trying =COUNTIF (A2:A7,month=1) where the "1" would change through to 12 for Jan-Dec, but it's not working (obviously).


Posted by Aladin Akyurek on January 02, 2002 8:31 AM

Shannon --

It would be better if you make a list of month numbers say in column C from C2 on, if A houses your data from A2 on. If you do so,

in D2 enter: =SUMPRODUCT((MONTH($A$2:$A$100)=C2)+0)

Copy down this till the last month number.