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CSE won't work...HELP!!

Posted by Darrin on January 13, 2000 1:56 PM

Tried entering CSE formula in Excel 97, pressing ctrl+shift+enter to enter it. Result is always zero and no curly braces in formula bar. Here's the formula: =AVEDEV(IF(NDC!$B$2:$B$2741=A3,NDC!$H$2:$H$2741,0))

NDC refers to a sheet containing sales by zip code--with territory numbers in column B and sales figures in column H. Column A contains the territory numbers on the worksheet that contains the CSE formula.

Used Tools>Wizards>Conditional Sum wizard and that put in the curly braces and calculated correctly, BUT, it calculates a sum and I need 'average deviation.'

HELP! What am I doing wrong?? Do CSE formulas only work in Excel 95?

Thanks! Darrin

Posted by Ivan Moala on January 13, 2000 3:07 PM

I copied the above and it worked for me ???
Are you entering it correctly ?? as you say you get
no curly braces, this would suggest you haven,t.
I copied your formula (with some data as well) THEN
Selected the formula cell AND PRESS at the same time
Ctrl + Shift + Enter and it worked ??