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Here's a tough least I think so. Help!

Posted by Bill Holbrook on May 12, 2000 5:24 PM

I'm trying to write a formula that will calculate someones age using the following criteria: Your age on your birthday closest to 10/1/2000. For example, if your dob is 4/1/68, your age on your birthday closest to 10/1/2000 would be 33. If your dob is 4/2/68, your age would be 32. Your current age will remain the same or increase by 1 depending on how many days (over or under 182) from 10/1/2000. Can anyone figure this one out? My head hurts.

Posted by Celia on May 14, 2000 5:43 AM


Enter the DOB in cell A1.
Enter 10/1/2000 in cell B1.
Format cell C1 as General and enter the following formula :-

I worked out the formula from info available at :-