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HPVAL function

Posted by Philip Pallette on January 30, 2002 6:41 AM

A workbook arrived at our firm this morning that the user opened up in Excel 2000 and got a ?NAME error throughout several cells.
The cells contained the formula HPVAL(,,,,,,). I believe this function has something to do with hyperextension.
I suggested the user open the spreadsheet in Excel 97. He did and it worked.
How do I get this file to work in Excel 2000? Will saving it in Excel 2000 as an Excel 2000 workbook convert the function?
Phil Pallette

Posted by Mark W. on January 30, 2002 11:29 AM

I suspect that you have a custom function add-in
for your Excel 97 installation that's not present
for your Excel 2000 installation. Launch Excel 97
and examine the add-ins using the Tools | Add-ins...
menu command.