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I know this should be easy but.....

Posted by Dwight on April 09, 2001 8:07 AM

Range a1:a100 are numbers I manually enter not more than one day at a time, entering a value into a1 on day 1, a2 on day 2, etc. Some days I skip (for instance a3 might be blank, and in a4 a value is entered on day 4). I would like for cell b1 to return the value which is in the last cell entered in the range a1:a100. Is there a formula (not a macro) I can put in b1 to accomplish this?

Posted by Aladin Akyurek on April 09, 2001 9:49 AM

Array-enter (that is, hit CONTROL+SHIFT+ENTER to enter) in B1:



Posted by Dwight on April 09, 2001 2:26 PM

Thanks, Aladin! Works great. Would never have gotten there myself.