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IF Statements

Posted by Chad on October 29, 2001 5:38 PM

Anyone that can help!!!

I have an amount in cell B19 and I want the following:

IF B19 <+22300 then zero
If B19 >22300 and <=60000 then 3422 + (.25 * B19)
If B19 >60000 then "You cannot use Form 1040EZ"

Please help with this formula. Thanks so....much!!!

Posted by Tom Urtis on October 29, 2001 6:46 PM

See if this is what you are looking for:

=IF(B19<=22300,0,IF(AND(B19>22300,B19<=60000),3422+(0.25*B19),"You cannot use Form 1040EZ"))

Tom Urtis

Posted by Larry Stoy on October 29, 2001 6:49 PM

Try this:

=IF(B19<22300,0,IF(B19<60000,3422+(0.25*B19),"You cannot use Form 1040EZ"))

Posted by Aladin Akyurek on October 29, 2001 7:29 PM

=IF(ISNUMBER(B19),IF(B19>60000,"You cannot use Form 1040EZ",(B19>22300)*(B19*0.25+3422)),"")