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importing data with negative sign at end of no.

Posted by Kara on October 12, 2001 11:45 AM

I imported data into excel that had the negative sign at the end of the no. (ie. 100-) . I tried to set up a macro to put the - sign in the front of the no. but was having trouble with referencing the cell.
the steps I took were
1. Find "-"
2. F2
3. Backspace (to delete -)
4. Home
5. "-"
6. Enter

But when I would run the macro, it would find the next -, but it would not perform the function in the active cell, but input the no. that was in the cell I recorded the macro from.

Please help!!

Posted by Caleb on October 12, 2001 11:46 AM

Sounds like you need to have the "relative reference" button on when you're recording your macro. It's a button that is on the record macro toolbar. When it is depressed, it will record the action without mapping it to a specific cell. Try doing that and it should work.

Posted by IML on October 12, 2001 11:50 AM

A part of the free add in at will do this for you. Also, you could use the following formula, paste special values over it and delete the original column.


Good luck

Posted by Kara on October 12, 2001 12:10 PM

I tried that and it did not work. What coding do I use to alter a cell by adding text to the end of it or at the beginning? What I really need to know is how to put an = sign at the beginning of the no. to make it a formula

Posted by Kara on October 12, 2001 12:11 PM

THANK YOU!! If I would have known that yesterday, I would have saved about 4 hours of manual work.