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Is there a "next" to go with "IF"?

Posted by Russell on November 20, 2001 3:52 PM

Just want ot say thanks to the guru's that post to this site - you people are awsome - I've learned more about excel in the last month than I could have learned on my own over the next year.

Anyway, I have a row of information I want to report to another worksheet, only if there is criteria in one of the cells (worksheet1! D:D). If there is no info in the cell, I want to bypass the row. I have been able to acomplish this, except, if there is no info in my preselected cell, I get a "0" in the corresponding cell on my second worksheet. For compactness, I only want to report the cells on worksheet2 that have info in worksheet1!D:D.
I tried skipping the cell on the second worksheet, and reporting the next cell's info, but all that does is produce a duplicate entry of the 1st cell.

The code that follows is on worksheet2,A5.


I feel so close, yet, I am coming up with "0"....
Thanks in advance,

Posted by Cesar on November 26, 2001 10:17 PM

Re: Is there a

Russell, I am not sure i fully understand your problem but here goes, I believe that you are looking to by=pass the cell if it is empty?

Try this instead:

Hope that helps