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Match with two variable

Posted by marc on September 08, 2000 4:04 AM

Hi i've got a (small?) problem wich i can't solveĀ…
Using =index and =match.
I would like to us this in combination with TWO matches.
One match has to be a date the second match has to be a string

The next two formulas i would like to use as ONE, where the result will be given when

Date funt nr
1-1-01 FZ 10
1-2-01 CL 11

Something like this
=INDEX (data;

A3 = 1-1-01 AND A4 =FZ than result =10
A3 = 1-2-01 AND A4 =FZ than result #n/a
A3 = 1-2-01 AND A4 =CL than result 11
etc. etc.


Posted by Michiel on September 08, 0100 6:41 AM

Try putten you 2 variables in one cel (i don't know what the formula is in English)
then put the results in the next collum and you are ready to use vlookup.


Posted by Celia on September 08, 0100 5:11 PM

Have a look at the reply to Double Lookup posted by Dominick on 8/31/100.