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Nesting Vlookups in if..then statements.

Posted by Ben Houck on April 12, 2001 5:24 PM

I was wondering if someone could provide me with guidence on the statment below:


I'm trying to get the formula to return the last Vlookup statement in the series if the other two are true. The false values at the end should all be zero. I understand that the way it is written no views the third vlookup as the true value for the first if statement but I can't get it to return the value only the verbatim text.

I've also tried this conbination with no luck:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Posted by Dave Hawley on April 12, 2001 5:40 PM

Hi Ben

If I have understood you, this should work:



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Posted by BenHouck on April 13, 2001 4:49 AM

Perfect. Thanks again Dave!