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trace dependents

Posted by Thomas Venn on February 03, 2000 12:08 PM

Hi, Is there any way to trace dependents, and actually "know" where the dependent cells are?
For example, in cell B5, the formula is A1+B2+C3,
and in cell B6, the formula is A1+B2+C1

What I want to do is, when I want to trace what cells are dependent on cell A1, it would be cell B5 and B6. I am already familiar with the Auditing Toolbar, but that does not work when it is 2 seperate sheets, additionally, I would like to be able to write down the dependent cells instead of looking at arrows.



Posted by judi on February 03, 2000 1:50 PM

Hope this helpss's from the help menu in Excel 97:

Locate cells in another worksheet or workbook that provide data to a formula

If the reference you want to locate is in another workbook, you must first open the other workbook.

1 Display the Auditing toolbar by pointing to Auditing on the Tools menu and then clicking Show Auditing Toolbar.

Before you use the Auditing toolbar, make sure Show all or Show placeholders is selected under Objects on the View tab in the Options dialog box (Tools menu).

2 Click the cell that contains the formula.
3 To display a tracer arrow to each cell that directly provides data to the active cell, click Trace Precedents on the Auditing toolbar.
4 Double-click the arrow that displays the worksheet icon and points to the active cell.
5 In the Go to box, click the reference you want to go to.