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Trimming a text string in Excel 2000

Posted by Mark Lees on December 09, 2000 10:31 AM

Hi, can anyone help...I'm sure that this is simple, but I can't figure a way to do it!

I have a workbook with many sheets. On each sheet is a title (in cell C4). I want to assign the title to a variable after trimming the last 25 characters, eg, the first title is "Injection Blow Moulding Machines - Specification Checklist" variable needs to be "Injection Blow Moulding Machines".

I've tried trim & right$ functions with no luck. Does anyone know how this can be done (Please!)


Mark Lees

Posted by Ivan Moala on December 09, 2000 11:25 AM

Mark if the last 25 characters are to be trimed
are constant then