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Using the =RANK(R5,R$5:R$36)*1

Posted by Knight Coach on January 23, 2002 6:35 AM

I am using the formula =RANK(R5,R$5:R$36)*1 to sort figures
Column R is a number, and is sorted highest to lowest.
Therefore, the highest number gets 1, lowest gets 32.

Now I have a column that is sorted lowest to highest,
and I need to use the rank formula to assign the lowest
number (1) to the lowest cell rather than the highest.

When I try to do use the above RANK formula, it goes
opposite...assigns the sorted column's highest mark to the
lowest point.

HELP!?! What am I doing wrong?

Posted by Mark W. on January 23, 2002 6:58 AM

=RANK(R5,R$5:R$36,1) [nt]

Posted by Tom Dickinson on January 23, 2002 7:53 AM

Check your 1/28 18:01 posting (NT)

Posted by Knight Coach on January 23, 2002 9:30 AM