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Posted by Casey on June 28, 2001 10:07 AM

i have one spreadsheet that lists various part numbers, not in order that i want to kind of link up with another spreadsheet that lists all of the part numbers in numerical order along with their product lines. what i want to do is on the first spreadsheet, designate a column that tells excel to search in the second spreadsheet for the matching part number and the value equal the product line for that part number from the second sheet. i don't know code, so if someone could tell me the formula that would be great. to sum it all up:
1st spreadsheet = MASTER
2nd spreadsheet = MFR

MASTER to reflect the product line in column G from the MFR spreadsheet in colum H on the MASTER. both have the same part numbers, i just want to get a column that is in the MFR spreadsheet over to the MASTER by part number

Posted by Cory on June 28, 2001 10:35 AM


Try this formula in the cell where you want the product line (description?) to show up on the master sheet (H1?):


Where G1 is the cell on your MASTER sheet that has the part number you want to make a match of; MFR!F1:G1000 is the array you'll pull your data from (F1 has the part #, G1 has the description); 2 is the column that has the description for the matching part # from the MASTER sheet, and FALSE means it'll only accept an exact match (TRUE for approximate match).

Once you've done this, see if it works then drag the formula down as far as you need it.

Any help?