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Add job dialog box and autosorting.

Posted by Robert on August 26, 2000 2:28 PM

I have a three column list (B:D) in a multiple sheet
workbook that deals with B:Active yes/no C:Job # and
D:Job Name. I need a dialog box to pop up when I push
an ADD JOB button, to insert the next job (including
job # and active status)into the list.

I can figure out how to design the dialog box to enter
this info into one row (5B:5D for example), but I don't
know how to A)make the list auto sorting, by D, then by
C, or B)make the dialog box enter info into the next
unfilled row.

Column A has a countif formula all the way down the sheet,
and column E has a totalling formula all the way down,
so the next row won't be completely empty, just B:D.
Can someone please help me with this. I would appreciate
it if you guys could save me once again.


Posted by Celia on August 30, 0100 9:26 PM

You can use the macro recorder to get the code for sorting.
For the next available cell in column B :-