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Adding Color to Worksheet Tabs

Posted by Judy W. on August 21, 2001 12:54 PM

I am trying to add color to some of the worksheet tabs in my workbook. I want to add color (such as red) if the worksheet is blank so I will know when looking in the workbook which worksheets are blank without having to open them. I am using this to store information from various sources and I want to know which sources have not furnished the data. How do I do this?

Posted by Doug on August 21, 2001 2:24 PM

I don't believe you can do this. Last I heard it was supposed to be in Excel 2002. Hopefully they will put an object in that refers to these tabs.

Posted by Tom Urtis on August 21, 2001 6:55 PM

Judy --

I agree with Mike, the only way you can color code the worksheet tabs today is by coloring them in with a highlighter marker on your monitor screen, not very practical.

Seriously though, in the meantime, to achieve the effect of knowing whether you have data present in worksheets, you might consider adding a formula or code based feature to the workbook that would advise you as to which sheets contain data and which do not.


Posted by Johnny on August 22, 2001 2:41 AM

Someone told me that this can now be done in the latest version of Excel (don't know the version name).

Posted by Barrett South London on August 22, 2001 2:18 PM

Tab sheet Colo(u)rs and how

OK simple is Excel 2002 on PC and soon 2003 on Mac will allow right click same way as rename to change to 1 of 6 or 8 colo(u)rs ie red green blue

I feel its pointless as enpty i remove and add as ness.

E97 i am trying to bastatdise to VBA command to do this but it wont have the code: Msoft have addded to VBA 6.01a or what ever version it is.

Soon as i crack it i will post the answer on instaed of a question?? Odd i know. BUT it has to be done via VBA in e97/e200o and /or right click on 2002

Sorry guys.. watch this space.. soon