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Changing the Default "Save As..." Location

Posted by Jamesman on September 24, 2000 4:34 PM

Everyday I need to create a couple of new files from a template that I have but I
do not want to save these files in the "My Documents" folder. I have to save them to
a different location buried kind of deep in another folder. So my question is, after I
open the template file and then go to the "save as..." command, how I can change the
default location of "C:/My Documents", to another location say, C:/other
location/excel files/today"?
I am using win98 with excel 97.
Thanks for any and all help.

Posted by John Latasa on September 24, 2000 7:30 PM

James, do this:
Pull down menu: Tools-->Options
Click the 'General Tab'
Default File Location
- you should be able to type in the location
- you want

Posted by Jamesman on September 24, 2000 8:25 PM


that was so simple, I'm almost embarrassed to have asked.
Thanks again.