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Column and Row Headings

Posted by Andy on July 06, 2001 12:40 PM

I was wondering if anyone knew how to place headings for both columns and rows. I am making a basic spreadsheet, but I want to get rid of the letters and numbers that currently exist.



Posted by Ben O. on July 06, 2001 12:45 PM

Go to Tools > Options, select the View tab and un-check Row & Column headers. Enter your custome row and columns headers across row 1 and down column A. Then put the cursor in cell B2 and select Window > Freeze Panes. That's about as close to custom headers as you're going to get.

-Ben O.

Posted by Joe Was on July 06, 2001 12:53 PM

Turn off the displayed header and row numbers.
Tools-Options... "Row and column headers" un-check.

To turn off the printed column and row headers:
File-Page Setup-Sheet "Row and column headings" un-check.

With lables you can create any row or column headers you want, if you turn off the default headers! JSW