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Ctrl+end-Last used cell of a worksheet going too far!

Posted by Winran on January 09, 2001 10:40 AM

Does anyone know how I can fix the ctrl+end function to go to the last active cell? I had entered and then deleted some information in cells that now go below the cells I'm actually using. When I press Ctrl+end to go to the last active cell on the worksheet, I end up way below where I am currently working. Is there any way to reset these cells so that I can get to the "end" of the information I'm really working on? Thanks!

Posted by Mark W. on January 09, 2001 10:50 AM

1. Delete all columns up to the last cell containing data
2. Delete all rows up to the last cell containing data
3. Save your workbook

Posted by Dave Hawley on January 09, 2001 10:26 PM

Hi winran

Excels last cell is pretty useless in most cases as it willnot only retain any previous entries that have been deleted (until you save) but it also goes to the last cell that doesn't have a "General" format. This means if you enter a date in a cell then delete it and save Excel will keep on going back there.

Place this simple code in you Personal Macro Workbook and assign a shortcut key.

Sub Lastcell()
On Error Resume Next
Cells.Find("*", [A1], xlValues, , , xlPrevious).Select
End Sub

Works every time

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