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Data entry method

Posted by Brett on July 13, 2000 12:09 AM

I am collecting in paper forms which will be used to analyse beer quality in around 100 pubs. The forms contain the following information:
Surveyor: (there are 10 different surveyors)
Score: (our of 5)

What is the best way to enter these into Excel? I was thinking of one form per row with the above headings in columns.

It would be nice to have list boxes, to ease the entry process (a number of pubs will be surveyed multiple times)- is visual basic the only way here?

I will be using pivot tables to look at:
Overall quality of ale over the year,
Range of surveyors visting a particular pub.

The pubs themselves are in an Access database. I am not sure if that application is where I should putting this together.

Posted by Brett on July 17, 0100 12:40 AM

Many thanks Ada - I'll give it a go. I am surprised that you were the only person to reply to my message. Perhaps it was too trivial for MB readers?

Posted by Ada on July 14, 0100 4:19 AM

Re your question about input boxes.
VBA is not the only way - it could be done with Excel's data validation tool.
In the help file, look up "Specify the valid entries for cells > Restict cell entries to the data from a list"