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Deleting unused menu items

Posted by Anthony Vogelpoel on November 06, 2001 1:17 PM

In some of my Excel97 menus there are menuitems that I put there in the past and that were connected to macros. These menuitems were probably put there in a previous version of Excel. It proved to be impossible to remove the unused items, either by using Customize and dragging the menuitem from the menu, or by resetting the menu bar according to Excel Help. Whatever I do, after closing Excel and restarting it the "deleted" menuitems are back. Anybody have an idea how to tackle this matter?

Posted by Jack on November 06, 2001 1:35 PM

one of them classics : old sheets are a right old pain if you never clean them TOTALLY out,i tend to do this at Finance Month end so SS are clean.
But thats not helping you, depends on you data, I trust you VBA so export all in BAS as normal and copy sheets reqd to new work book and remember to save as ABC_new can change later and then rebuid the Wbook importing all *.bas into its own module and name the moduels so easy to find next time, ONLY import exactly what you need and you will loose the JUNK, check for Auto_Open and Auto_close macros and any Cunctions tey hide well - as you designed the sheet you should be able to maintaine with ease, this i guess will take some 10 mins,

Copy will drop the rubbish, abut careful formatting will disapear also so 10 mins there.

Good luck - if it all coes wromg do not save old sheet and close then re open and all will be back as was, but nothing should change by copy and export bas files so little to loose but 20 mins