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Determining external links in unopened spreadsheets

Posted by Tom Brennan on November 25, 1999 4:09 PM

At work we have a lot of spreadsheets with links to external data (other spreadsheets mostly). This is fine to avoid multiple data entry, but a major problem if we ever move any of the external files.

It is an even bigger problem when you realise that there is no way of finding all the spreadsheets that link to a particular file without opening every spreadsheet on the drive (some 2500) and checking the links manually.

Are there any utility programs that can sort through a list of files and pull out the links?


Posted by Ivan Moala on November 27, 1999 12:34 AM

Tom, I have a macro that I created to automaticall open ALL
files in a user selected dir,Disable autoopening macros, get All links & formulas
and report on them, then close it without saving
and loop on to the next xls file until all xls
files have been opened. It will then prompt you for another dir.
If interested then contact me.
the report lists; File name, sheetName,Formula, address & value.