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Excel 97 locks up while using fill handle

Posted by Dennis on September 11, 2000 2:40 PM

About once a day my Excel 97 locks up on me when I use the fill handle to drag and copy down. I have to shut down Excel and lose everything since my last save whenever it does this. It is a very random occurrence (I can't force it do do it). Has anyone else run across this? Any suggestions on how to stop it from doing this, short of deleting and re-installing Excel?
Thanks in advance!

Posted by Kurt on September 11, 0100 7:37 PM

Hello Dennis,

If this happens on only one file, then I would try to recreate the file. If it happens in several files, then I would reinstall Excel 97.

If that doesn't work then reinstall Windows.

Next, if that doesn't work again, then go to Uncle Bill's website and download the latest Service Release Pack for Office 97 at