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Excel substitutes "325" for "350"

Posted by Tom Chou on September 11, 2001 5:36 AM

Anyone come across this problem? When you type the number 350 in a cell and hit "enter" or any arrow key to enter the number 350 in, Excel automatically changes it to the number 325! As best as I can tell, it's only doing this with the number 350. Otherwise, Excel seems to behave normally. I'm using Office 2000. I removed the entire Office 2000 suite and reinstalled it, and it still does this! This just started happening, I've used this copy of Excel troublefree since the year 2000 until now. Running Windows ME on Pentium 3 733 machine.

Is there some bizarre alias or substitution feature in Excel I'm not aware of that is set to substitute the number 325 for 350? Other than this I see no other problems with Excel or any other programs on the machine - it seems to act normally, so I can't see how reloading Windows or something drastic like that would help.

I'm the only user of this machine. We did have a brown-out recently that took out a router, and this started happening about the same time, but like I said, other than this the machine seems normal.

Thanks for any help.

Posted by Rob Jackson on September 11, 2001 6:11 AM

I have no idea why this may be happening but I could not get it to happen on my system if that is any consolation. As far as I am aware there is no way without using code to change the contents of a cell. If there is no code running I cannot see why this is happening.



Posted by wayne on September 11, 2001 8:09 AM

I had an Excel for Mac program that always inserted 36 for 35, no one could think of a cause.

Posted by JAF on September 12, 2001 1:03 AM

This is a longshot, but if you are sure that there is no code running, someone may have set up the AutoCorrect feature to change 350 to 325.

From the Tools menu, select AutoCorrect and have a look through the list. If that isn't the problm then I'm baffled.