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file type conversion

Posted by JIM on January 07, 2002 9:38 PM

I am currently unemployed and engaged in a job search.
I have an excel file with contacts, phone numbers etc. This file was created over the past several weeks. I worked in that file today.
I just now tried to open the file and found that it was somehow converted to file type Text(tab delimited).
I also noticed the file name was in quotes as follows
I saved the file under a new name as file type .xls without the quotes, hoping this might work but it still opens in this unreadable mess.
any ideas how this happened or if it can be repaired?
could I reboot using an older registry. any chance that would work?

Posted by Scott on January 08, 2002 6:25 AM

If you do not see the file when trying to open, change the "Files of Type" option to "Text Files". You file should appear in the window if you are in the correct folder. When you try to open it, it should walk you through a wizard to bring the info into excel.

If you are able to open the file, when you go to save, choose "Save As" and then choose "Save As Type" to be "Microsoft Excel Workbook". There is no need to type the extention in the name box.

It's possible that you save the file as a text file, even though you used the ".xls" extension.

I am currently unemployed and engaged in a job search.