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Formula for Time/Number

Posted by Squirrel_b8 on January 10, 2001 3:45 PM

Im working on a project and need some help with a formula in excell. This is what Im doing. Im adding together time and then dividing by a number.
12:58 - 12 minutes, 58 secs +
9:50 - 9 minutes, 50 secs =

then dividing the ???? by a number such as 21 or whatever.

Any help?

Posted by Dave Hawley on January 10, 2001 6:46 PM

Hi Squirrel_b8

Using your example Type: [12:58 in A1]
[0:12:58 in B1] [9:50 in C1] [0:09:50 in D1]

Then in cell E1 type: =(A1-B1)+(C1-D1)/21
Format this cell as Custom [h]:mm:ss

Hope this helps

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